Just do it

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for well over four months now.  I even went on WordPress and secured my name months ago and then I did what they tell you not to do, I didn’t post anything.  I was reading other blogs, immersing myself in the blog world to try and understand what I wanted my blog to be about, what type of things I would post about, how I would set it up, how I would try and be a little different, offer a different angle…  And still I posted nothing.  Funny thing was, I started thinking in terms of ‘potential posts’.  I repainted a chair and thought, this would make a good post.  I checked out a cool new store and thought, this might make an interesting post.   My kids did a really cool art project that we framed and hung in their room, and I thought, another good post.

So to steal (borrow) a rather famous tag line, I thought, well, just do it.  So here it is my official first blog post.  The marketer in me loves it!

Ok, so what exciting topic has been swirling around my head for the last four months that will make the inaugural post?  Bathrooms!  I know what you’re thinking, another ’80’s bathroom reno  – good-bye robin-egg blue toilet, hello sleek new commode!  Well, I have one of those stories, but we’ll leave that for later.  No, by bathrooms, I specifically mean European bathrooms, or should I say water closet? ‘Cuz that describes it exactly (not).

So my wonderful day job in marketing often takes me to Europe, so I’ve seen my fair share of EU WC.  Now in all fairness, there are many other parts of the world that have crazier (even non-existent) bathrooms, but let’s just concentrate on the weirdness of EU bathrooms for a moment.

So on a recent trip to Europe, I find myself in Terminal 4 at Heathrow in London waiting for a connecting flight. The new(ish) super sleek British Airways terminal that has uber shopping and an equally awesome lounge.  After an overnight flight, I’m in the BA Business Class Lounge (which should not to be confused with the BA First Class Lounge which has its own spa) and I’m going about my usual bathroom business, and while washing up, I look down and notice this:

The conveniently located tissue...
The conveniently located tissue…

My first thought is, thank goodness I’m not elderly and need to blow my nose, cuz if I have to bend down to get this tissue I may never be able to get back up.  My next thought is that this was an obvious oversight and someone said at the last minute, “Now, where are we going to put the tissue?  Of course, let’s put it near the floor, between the sink and the toilet, it’s really the most logical location.”  And then it occurred to me that this in fact a brilliant location, should one over-indulge in all the free booze in the lounge.  I tell ya, those Brits have thought of everything!

A little later on in my trip my colleagues and I went to a nice local Italian restaurant.  Towards the end of the meal, I naturally made may way to the ladies room, and encounter this:

No sink, no seat, just cold hard porcelain.
No sink, no seat, just cold hard porcelain.

Seriously folks, I’ve seen better outhouses than this.  It baffles me that this would be in a restaurant at all.

But the creme de la creme of bathrooms on this particular trip had to be at the soccer stadium.  After a long day at a conference, a group of us decided to get tickets to the AC Milan soccer match.  That experience is a blog post in itself, but the bathrooms were, shall we say, scarce.  Particularly the ladies room.  After much searching, we had to do a triple-take, but yes, this is in fact the ladies room:

Taped up urinals in the ladies bathroom???
Taped up urinals in the ladies bathroom???
Just in case you couldn't quite make out the sign, yes it is the ladies room!
Just in case you couldn’t quite make out the sign, yes it is the ladies room!

As my colleague and I were giggling like two school girls with all the taped up urinals, we turned around and saw this:

Oh dear God!
Oh dear God!

No toilet paper, no convenient hook for your purse, nothing.  Just a hole in the ground.  Seriously people?   And… uhm,  it did flush automatically and that’s all I’m going to say about that.



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