Thrify Finds

July has been busy.  We travelled down to New England for 10 days and then headed to Washington DC,  through Virginia and back up via Pennsylvania and New York.  It was a great road trip and we miraculously got great weather throughout.  I always love going to New England because it seems there’s an antique store or flea market at every turn.  And they’re always packed with some pretty cool stuff.  But since our car was already pretty jammed with our beach stuff, luggage and what seemed like an ever expanding quantity of stuffed toys, I had to keep my thrift-ing to a minimum.

I found these cool canning jars and vintage bottle in an antique store just outside Wells,  Maine.  I really don’t know anything about them, if they’re really old, or only sorta old, but I love the vintage feel and the blue one is just so pretty.

July 2014 028

I also found these two little dishes for three bucks each.  I’m thinking of starting a little collection of pink and turquoise glass pieces.

July 2014 029

Speaking of collections, I was actually surprised at how little Pyrex I came across on my travels.  I was hoping to find it spilling out of every flea market and antique store I came across, but I actually found very little.  I did manage to find this nice butterprint-turquoise casserole dish at a very good price, but I was hesitant to buy it because I’ve never seen a lid like this one before. It just seems out of sync with the colour and pattern.  Does anyone know if this is actually a mis-matched lid from another pattern?

July 2014 030

July 2014 031

And to close off this post, I had to include this picture of a little sign taped to one of the front doors of the an antique shop we visited.  May the ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ jokes begin!



Happy Thrift-ing!




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