Kitchen Update 3: Backsplash & Sink are in!

Some progress on the kitchen in my dad’s rental has been made, but he has been side-tracked with the driveway at the moment and trying to get it completed before the snow flies.  Still, the sink is now installed along with the faucet.  The stove is in place and the back-splash tiles are going up.

I did suggest to my dad a nice subway tile backsplash with a nice glass accent tile running through it, but he wasn’t convinced.  He apparently has some aversion to subway tiles.  Ultimately he chose a nice smooth, stone tile that is actually very similar to the floor tiles, so everything actually ties together quite nicely.

backsplash 1
Still waiting on the grout, but it’s looking good.


Love the nice deep sink, the faucet (that dad picked) not so much. Would have preferred one that was brushed nickel vs. shiny chrome. Ya win some, ya lose some.
View of the kitchen from the living room. You can just see a glimpse of the sunken dining room on the right. Wait! Is that a boob light still over the sink?

Would appear that I must remind dad about our talk regarding the presence of the ‘boob’ lights…



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