Mmmm… Chocolatier Blue, San Francisco

I found myself in San Francisco the other week (day-job obligations…) and heard that the weather was pretty nice.  As anyone who travels for work knows, you tend to spend most of your day inside conference rooms and hotels.  I snuck out for lunch on one day and took in the +17c weather and the always cool bay-city architecture.  I didn’t get to see much on this particular trip, but one day I’ll get myself to the Golden Gate bridge.

You know you're in San Fran when the sidewalks are stairs!
You know you’re in San Fran when the sidewalks are stairs!
The tower at Telegraph Hill.
The tower at Telegraph Hill.
The Ferry Building.
The Ferry Building.

On my last evening, I was determined to find a great little home décor store, but alas, found a chocolate store instead.  And oh, what a find!  I almost missed it on  Market Street, it’s such a tiny little store, barely wider than the door.  But Chocolatier Blue was calling my name.

Isn't it cute?  And oh so tiny!
Isn’t it cute? And oh so tiny!

Naturally, all of the ingredients are super-fresh, with all the chocolates and truffles made in small batches.  I didn’t know where to start.

Choices, choices??
Choices, choices??

Blue chocolate 2

I finally ended up choosing these six absolutely delicious beauties:

Blue chocolate 4

Blue chocolate 5From top left: 75% dark chocolate, passion fruit caramel, pumpkin.  Bottom left: peanut butter & jam, gingerbread, pb crunch.  All of them were fantastic, but of my little selection, my number one vote has to go to peanut butter and jam.  Absolutely decadent.  And who doesn’t like a good pg&j?

The original Chocolatier Blue opened up in Berkeley, California and along with this little outlet on Market Street there are two others in the Bay area.   A store in Salt Lake City, one in Nebraska and one in Venice, California round out the locations to satisfy your sweet tooth.

So it would now seem that I have to add Chocolatier Blue to my must-see (must eat?) list along with the Golden Gate Bridge for the next time I’m back in the Bay area.