Hooked on hooks


With two busy school-aged girls, our front entrance gets a workout. It’s actually fairly spacious, but since it’s the only entrance to the house (we don’t have a separate entrance area from the garage), it really needs to work and be functional. Years ago I installed hooks for each of the girls’ knapsacks. They have served quite well keeping the entrance and bench area fairly tidy. But as hooks-into-drywall go, they were starting to look a little shabby. In fact, a year ago, I had to move one of the hooks because it was peeling out of the wall.

You can see where the original hook used to be, and yes, even after a year, I still hadn’t patched the old hole. Sad, I know.

Opps – picture is a little blurry.

So now with the ‘moved’ hook pulling away from the wall again and the other hook starting to do the same, it was about time to re-think my hooks. I couldn’t just move them again, so I decided they needed to be mounted on something that was then mounted to the wall.   I thought barn-board would look awesome, and then it occurred to me, that I have no idea where I would get a small piece of barn-board. I don’t know anyone who has a barn… well anyone that lives close by who has a barn. And then it struck me! Pallets!

My husband’s work has tons of pallets lying around that can’t be used anymore.   Since I didn’t need a really big piece, he hacked apart an old pallet for me and then cut it down to the size I wanted. Violà – instant barn-board!

I decided to spruce up the edges a bit and enlisted the girls to offer their opinion: turquoise or yellow. Turquoise won. I patched up the wall and then re-painted it. Hubby helped me mount the board to the wall, drilling pilot holes through the board, putting in drywall anchors and finally screwing it to the wall.

barn board 1

barn board 2


hook done 2

It’s not rocket-science, and it’s certainly not super-fancy-über-cool-pintrest-worthy. But it works for us and looks a whole lot better than the two sad, dangly  hooks that were there before.



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