Resolutions for 2016 (which is also a little late…)

Since I didn’t bother to write down my resolutions for 2015, I thought it best to capture my resolutions for 2016 here, immediately, now. Before life catches up with me and I forget.  Plus I said in my previous post that I would do it. (Crap!  Is it January 25th already?)

  1. Blog more.  I am purposely keeping this one quantifiably vague, that way,  it’s truly achievable right?  I know, who am kidding.
  2. Read 11 books.  This one has a good track record, so I’m pretty sure I can do this one.  Hmmm… perhaps I should say 10 books, then when I read 11, it will be over-achieved (and perhaps make me feel better about vague resolution #1).  I actually spotted an interesting Reading Challenge online and I think I might give it a try.  If I succeed, it will mean 12 books. Yeah!
  3. Check off at least one thing from my Bucket List.  I must say, I have actually been doing quite well on this over the last year or two.  In 2014, I took the family to see the icebergs in Newfoundland.  I shared some great pics here and here.  I also visited four US states that were on my list, leaving me with only five US states left to visit.  Perhaps I should be more specific with this resolution and it should be: visit at least one of the remaining 5 states on my list.  But I think I’ll just see how this plays out.  Maybe a resolution should be to blog about what is actually on my Bucket List.
  4. Write a blog post about every book I read in 2016.   Oh… resolution #1 just got a lot less vague.  Hmmm…
  5. Curate a friendship.  We all have friends, but I think most of us who are in our 30’s and (now) 40’s would agree that life catches up with you and it’s harder to stay in touch with friends and even harder to make new friends.  I resolve to connect more with the few close friends I have.  I honestly think about calling particular friends all the time and going for a coffee or a drink or dinner, but my day always seems to get away from me and then I procrastinate too long and then I start thinking it’s too late to call.  It’s a vicious cycle in my head.  I need to stop this cycle and just reach out.  I would also like to try and make a new friend.  I know, it sounds like I’m a kid.  But it’s true, making new friends requires some effort.  I’ll give it a go.  We’re in a new neighbourhood, so I’m hopeful that when the spring comes and everyone emerges from hibernation, it will be a little more promising.  It’s hard to chat up the neighbours in -19c weather.

There are some other ‘resolutions’ on my 2016 list, but I think I will solidly commit the these five and let the others play themselves out.

We’re almost at the end of January, how are you doing on your 2016 resolutions?



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