Morton Hotel – London, UK

The Morton Hotel – 2 Woburn Place – London

On a recent trip to London in the UK, I took a chance and booked a hotel online using one of those website that gives you price but not the name of the hotel. I flew on a Friday so I could spend the weekend in London, before heading outside of the city for work.  Thus, price was an important factor in the selection of my hotel.

I have never used this type of website booking tool before – which is to say I have always been too scared to book a hotel and not know the name of it before I book it! Eck!   But I rolled the dice this time, and wow, was I pleasantly surprised.  I hit “book” and then pouf: I’m booked into a hotel whose name I didn’t even recognize. Yikes…

But I was most pleasantly surprised. The Morton Hotel is truly a gem.  It is the quintessential boutique hotel – with only 34 rooms, but it’s full of charm and character.  It has been completely renovated so I was more than relived when I saw the pictures of the bathrooms.  I have to confess – Europeans often have a different standard when it comes to bathrooms – see my very first blog post here – so if you can look at pictures, and think it looks great, then it probably is great. (so relieved…)

Nicely renovated ensuites in all the rooms
Morton monogrammed towels – and they’re super plush too!

It is located in Bloomsbury/Saint Pancreas area of London, right opposite Russell Square, and is literally one street up from the Russell Square tube station. In fact, when I arrived at Heathrow Airport, I just jumped on the Piccadilly tube line and (after almost an hour ride), I got off at the Russell Square station. It was super easy.  It is also close to several main train stations, including St. Pancreas, Kings Cross and London Euston.

The Reception Area was just to the left of the bar, out of view
The bar and lounge area in the basement had a cool vibe.

The main reception and lobby area is in the basement of the hotel and offers a funky, eclectic vibe. My room was actually quite comfortable and spacious, and of course the bathroom lived up to its pictures.  I must admit, that even though I am an interior design student by night – the wallpaper was not to my liking. However I can appreciate the affect they were trying to achieve – both historical (since it is a very old building) and contemporary.

The guestrooms were well appointed, even if the wallpaper was not to my taste
This chair is GORGEOUS – love it!

The profile portraits on the pillows are a consistent theme throughout the hotel, as the whole area where The Morton is located was once a hot-spot at the turn of the century (the 1900s, that is) for artists, writers and intellectuals.

The location was great, with the tube station just down the road, you can literally get anywhere. I also wandered around the local area too, and like most places in London you can always find great little shops and eateries.  The British Museum is just a few short blocks away and is a treasure trove for history buffs, including an amazing collection of Egyptian antiquities.   I also strolled down Tottenham Court Road which offers an great array of design shops including Heal’s.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone visiting London who is looking to stay in a different neighbourhood and avoid all the crowds of Covent Garden, Knightsbridge, Kensington and all the other tourist hot-spots within London.



It’s not wallpaper, it’s cabinet-paper!

We recently re-painted our living-room/dining-room from the super-dark green what was on the walls when we bought the house, to a nice beige/yellow. It makes a world of difference, and naturally makes the room look so much bigger and brighter, but I have to be honest, it’s a smidge more yellow than I was going for.  But given that it took 4 coats (yes, 4 coats!) to cover the dark green, I’m a tad unmotivated to put on another coat to tone down the yellow.

I really wanted to experiment with the room a little and try putting up some wallpaper on one wall, but hubby poop-pooped that idea outright. “Too 70’s”, he says.  Cleary he has not read a décor magazine in the last four years, and doesn’t believe me when I say that wallpaper is making a comeback. Sigh…

So I re-thought my wallpaper idea, and decided to ‘wallpaper’ the back of the china cabinet instead. It would be a little more understated, wouldn’t overwhelm the room and plus it would brighten up the inside of the china cabinet.

I initially thought I should just cut the wallpaper appropriately and stick/glue it to the back of the cabinet – easy-peesy, right? But that seemed like too much of a commitment. What if I didn’t like it – it would wreck the cabinet, and that would suck.   I gave it some more thought and decided I would stick the wallpaper to foamcore and then affix it to the back of the cabinet.  If I didn’t like it, I could just take out the foamcore.  Zero commitment.

I ended up buying 6 sheets of foamcore, since one sheet wasn’t long enough to cover the back of the cabinet from side to side. I measured, I laid them out, measured some more, cut them with a blade, measured again, laid out the wallpaper, measured, cut, measured again… there was a lot of measuring!

I had to remove all the glass shelves in order to get each panel in, but viola! They’re in.

I stood back and looked at the result… You know when you get that super-excited feeling, because it looks exactly how you hoped..?   Yup! I had that feeling.  Yeah!

I hate that “well it’s not that bad, I guess it will do” feeling (yellow walls, I’m talking to you!)

Then I showed hubby. He looked at it and then unenthusiastically said, “It’s still wallpaper”.  To which I said “No, it is cabinet-paper and it looks awesome!”  I don’t think he’s entirely convinced, but like any good husband he just gave me that ‘if you’re happy, I’m happy’ look and left it at that.